Alert Logic Expands Visibility, Portability, and Threat Detection for Container Security

A few months ago, Alert Logic launched the industry’s first network intrusion detection system (IDS) capability for containers. Alert Logic is raising that bar with a new release that updates the container security features with container log management and extends its container protection to platforms other than Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Raising the Bar with Container Log Management

The container security features—available in the Alert Logic Cloud Defender and Alert Logic Threat Manager solutions—are now available for Microsoft Azure Security, as well as on-premise and hosted environments. In addition, the new release adds container log management capabilities. Alert Logic’s approach to log management simplifies container security by using the same container to collect logs and analyze network traffic. The updated container security functionality enables a comprehensive, streamlined view of risk, and the ability to collect, aggregate, and search container log data for better compliance and more effective security.

Container environments are dynamic and complex, so it’s crucial to have cybersecurity solutions that deliver the scalability and portability necessary to provide effective protection. The Alert Logic solutions provide organizations with a single interface to manage security for all containers, track security incidents, and gain unprecedented visibility into their attack surface.

The Alert Logic container security capabilities provide real-time detection of both known and unknown exploits for Docker, Kubernetes, Elastic Beanstalk, Docker Swarm, CoreOS, Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon Elastic Container Service, and Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes. The new capabilities enable organizations to secure and protect containers in multi-cloud and multi-platform environments, so they have peace of mind as they take advantage of the inherent cost and operational efficiencies of containers.

Network IDS for Containers

Most container security solutions focus on vulnerability scans of the container image prior to deploying the containers into production, or methods to control or restrict access to individual containers. Those tools and techniques may offer some security benefits, but they don’t always follow container security best practices or provide the comprehensive, real-time visibility you need to identify suspicious or malicious activity with active containers so you can take action to stop attacks.

“Our NIDS-based approach to container security, combined with new container log management capabilities and integration across an organization’s total—and often complex—environment, provides a more comprehensive view than other solutions available today,” said Chris Noell, Senior Vice President, Engineering at Alert Logic. “Businesses employ containers for ease and speed of deployment, yet struggle to maintain consistent security as they move containers across cloud, hosted and on-prem environments. Alert Logic solves this challenge by making security as portable as your containers, without any lag or disruption to business operations.”  

Mike Santimaw, Rent-a-Center Vice President of Information Security, Innovation Labs & Corporate Solutions, explains, “Running container deployments without blind spots on AWS, Azure and on-premises is essential to our business, to our client service, and for compliance requirements.”

Santimaw added, ”Alert Logic’s container security already provides the real-time visibility we need on AWS, and we are excited for expanded capabilities for Azure and on-prem.”

Are your containers secure? Do you have comprehensive visibility of your entire container ecosystem to detect containers or hosts that might be compromised in real-time? Take a look at the container security solutions Alert Logic has to offer and how network IDS for containers can help you secure and protect your containerized environment.

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Tony Bradley - Senior Manager of Content Marketing for Alert Logic

Tony Bradley

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