3 Cloud Security Myths Debunked

While it may seem that cloud computing is still fairly new, technology companies and professionals have been working with it for many years now. The cloud has become more deeply integrated with cloud security over the last several years, but there are a few cloud security concerns and the risks associated that still come up in conversations. Here are three myths surrounding the cloud dispelled.

Myth 1: Anyone can access your data in the cloud

People anticipate the cloud being less secure because their information is on a common cloud with other users. It is true that there are multiple users sharing the same cloud service, but the cloud itself is designed to ensure that everyone’s data is separate and secure with sophisticated layers of security to protect your data. In addition, cloud service providers are audited by many third-party auditors to ensure the highest level of data privacy, in areas such as access, storage, security and more. 

Myth 2: Securing my data is the cloud provider’s job

Security in any cloud environment is a shared security responsibility between the cloud service provider and the customer, and it’s important to understand that you can’t move to the cloud and expect the cloud service provider to take care of all your cloud security needs. The reality is that some aspects of protecting the cloud fall on the lap of the cloud service provider and others on the customer.

Protecting the global cloud infrastructure and the physical security in which the services operate are the responsibility of the cloud service provider. On the other hand, the customer is accountable for the security measures related to the content and applications that make use of the cloud provider’s services. To ensure your data is protected, customers need to assess and understand what security measures are delivered by the cloud service provider and supplement it for comprehensive security protection.

Myth 3: The cloud is more vulnerable to attack 

There is a misconception that data stored on-premises is more secure than in the cloud. It may seem that having your data physically close to you on your servers is more protected, but the location of where your data resides doesn’t necessarily determine how secure it is. Threats are just as prevalent in on-premises environments as they are in the cloud. However, it is important to note that data security is quite robust in the cloud, offering a multi-layer approach to security that’s built into their infrastructure. The key to protecting the cloud is to focus on a well-defined security strategy that meets your organization’s specific security and governance requirements.

Download the Gartner report “Staying Secure in the Cloud is a Shared Responsibility” to understand how IT security depends on the shared responsibility model.


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