5 Things We Learned at AWS Summits (San Francisco and London)

Now that we’re back from the two most recent AWS Summits in San Francisco and London, we’d like to reflect on five things we discovered along the Road to re:Invent. 

1. Security is now worthy of the center stage. At the San Francisco summit, we were recognized as TIME, Inc.’s AWS security partner during Andy Jassy’s keynote; what an honor. It is thanks to the loyalty and enthusiasm of our customers and partners that we achieve the success we have today. After the keynote, however, we could not have anticipated the massive number of people that flooded our booth to learn more about how we keep one of the world’s leading magazine publishers safe.

2. Hackers gonna hack. And people like to watch. At the London summit, we hosted five live cyber hack demonstrations at our stand. One of our security analysts presented how a hack is detected and deconstructed. These demonstrations drew large crowds; this was reassuring in that we know that security remains top of mind. 

3.There are still a lot of questions around DevOps and security. With partners Chef and Puppet Labs right across the way from us in London, we saw an increase in visits from those in the DevOps community, even those who hadn’t heard of Alert Logic before. Many of these visitors have web applications automated in the development lifecycle and they came ready to talk about how to secure them. Overall, we’re hearing more conversation surrounding the lack of security in DevOps and how there is a movement to change that.

Operations and security are fundamentally intertwined and dependent on each other. The evolution of DevOps should now be extended to embrace Security – providing speed and agility to securing critical applications, assets and services in a more predictable, auditable way.

4. You can never have enough t-shirts. You’ll see all kinds of swag at vendor expos—pens, stickers, USB chargers, and even socks. But, the classic item that keeps people scrolling through #AWSSummit and scouring the booths is the t-shirt. This year, we decided to print two designs for our Road to re:Invent tour, with the theme RE:MIX, and they were a hit. Everyone who stopped by the booth received a t-shirt, and we gave away over 600 shirts in San Francisco and over 300 shirts in London.


5. Aerialists draw a crowd. During the AWS Summit: San Francisco, we hosted an afterparty with New Relic and Datadog at Monarch. Monarch is one of San Francisco’s most unique venues in that it features aerialist performers behind the bar. We were able to fill both floors of the venue and a couple lucky attendees went home with a MacBook Air and Beats by Dre headphones. Thank you to all who came out for this fantastic event! View photos from the event


Up next on the Road to re:Invent: Chicago! 

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