A peek inside commercially available remote access tools (RAT)

Cybercriminals add a layer of legitimacy to their malicious malware software by projecting them as a Remote Access Tool (RAT), but in reality the intent is to spread to as many other hosts as possible, while having capacity to handle tens of thousands of hosts at the same time or possess built-in password stealing capabilities. Often such malware is cracked and becomes an underground community malware tool, or it is adopted by novices taking advantage of today’s managed malware crypting services. http://alrt.co/13fjrH3

Takeaway: The seemingly simple and “free” remote access tool that is used to help customers may turn out detrimental. These tools, with their web/client based release, have numerous features, often in a point-and-click fashion that potentially empower novice cybercriminals with a versatile set of online spying capabilities.