"Adobe Flash Player HD" ad not really from Adobe

A rogue advertisement served through the Yieldmanager ad network exposes users to fake Adobe Flash Player HD ads, ultimately dropping a copy of the potentially unwanted application (PUA)/adware, known as Somoto Better Installer. Surprisingly, once users click it, they’re presented with a rogue Free Media Player page, instead of an Adobe Flash Player HD themed page. Users who fall victim to the social engineering scam will end up installing multiple potentially unwanted applications. The affiliate network participant that’s abusing the Yieldmanager ad network is currently earning revenue through the Somoto’s BetterInstaller PPI (Pay-Per-Install) revenue sharing network. http://alrt.co/10HVWkP

Takeaway: Always verify the true website URL from which you are downloading and obtaining software. It’s not malware all the time, but if it’s not from the publisher’s site, it probably is.