Alert Logic Web Security Manager for AWS

We announced the release of Alert Logic’s Web Security Manager for AWS last week. At a quick glance, this release might look the same as Web Security Manager running in any other hosted or on-premise environment, but there’s a unique difference that we incorporated to support Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments: Auto Scaling. Auto Scaling At-a-Glance Auto Scaling is a powerful capability of AWS that allows you to automatically scale your Amazon EC2capacity up or down according to conditions you define. That means, as application traffic increases, your EC2 instances will increase to continue to deliver the performance required. On the flip side, during periods of reduced load, your instances will automatically decrease to minimize your costs. For Alert Logic Web Security Manager to fully support AWS, we had to ensure the solution would Auto Scale along with EC2 instances. In doing so, this offers two benefits for customers:

  • You know your AWS environment, and applications, will be secure as it scales
  • Instead of having to size your WAF for expected spikes, as is the industry norm, Web Security Manager for AWS only needs to be sized for everyday traffic and will adapt to spikes and lulls as needed. This provides you with the confidence you need while allowing you to benefit from usage-based billing—something every cloud users wants.

AWS Shared Security Model I’m excited about the work we’ve done with AWS to deliver Web Security Manager in this environment. Under the AWS Shared Security Model, the AWS cloud infrastructure lays a strong security foundation and solutions like our WAF are critical for protecting against threats such as web application attacks and brute force attempts. You can learn more by watching a webinar that Alert Logic recently did with AWS on Protecting Your IT Environment in the Cloud, or visit the AWS Cloud Security area on our website.