Anonymous hacks largest Platinum producer's website on remotely hosted server

In mid-March, hacktivist group Anonymous breached a third-party hosted server, which contained administrator usernames and passwords (in clear text), information about 122 investors, and details on more than 400 registered shareholders, such as names, email addresses, phone numbers and, in some cases, even passwords. The server also contained information on a number of other company websites. The exact vulnerability or exploit used is not yet known, but it is suspected to be a Java exploit.

Takeaway:In a world with increasing access to tools and zero-day vulnerabilities, a single server with vulnerabilities can be the weakest link in a “secure” network. It is practically impossible for a corporate IT security team to stay up to date with zero-day signatures without a research team behind them. Continuous monitoring of intrusion traffic—with the help of a managed security services team—is necessary to stay on top of it.