Bitcoin: Disruptive force or security hazard?

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority; managing transactions and issuing Bitcoins are carried out collectively by the network. Its value has increased from $36 to $183 in a 30-day period. Purchasing malware from the underground requires an exchange from dollars to BitCoin. Average malware cost 1–6 coins per transaction and BitCoin Mining is on the increase as malware is delivered. Now another such malware has emerged from a Russian site named Fareit—it uses the victims’ computers to mine Bitcoins. This malware has been reportedly circulating for at least six months and infects Windows computers before mining for the virtual currency.

Takeaway: Be careful when you install Bitminer to mine Bitcoins. Do note that there is no way to notice the malware running on your computer, unless you see Bitcoins missing from your wallet. If you see your machine is using all available CPU resources, you may be infected.