Can You Support Yourself?

At Alert Logic, we pride ourselves on bending over backward to help our customers achieve their security and compliance goals. Internally we like to use the phrase "We've got your back!" as a rallying cry. But times are changing, and as much as we love to help, it's hard to refute survey after survey. Customers say that they want to help themselves - as long as doing so doesn't negatively impact their time to resolution.

So without further adieu, we would like to welcome you to the next chapter in Alert Logic Support – self-service! The first components of self-service are available to you immediately at And don't worry - our very same teams Support & Loyalty + Value are still here, ready to support you via email or phone.

Here is some information on the new components:

ANSWERS, a collaborative question and answer site,is new to Alert Logic. You can access the answers page from the Support page or directly at This site is similar in format to popular question and answer sites like Quora or Stack Overflow, and allows anyone to post a question. If an answer to your question already exists, you will see it. If not, you can post your question for another customer, partner, or helpful Alert Logic employee to answer. Questions get routed to Alert Logic Product Managers to ensure accuracy, and then reviewed to see if the input can be used to improve documentation and training. Please stop by the answer site and contribute your own question, or if you are an Alert Logic Expert, help out a fellow customer and rack up points for doing so!

DOCS is a complete rework of Alert Logic's online documentation. All former doc sites have now been collapsed into a single new site. You will notice a lot of eye candy - but there is real substance to the sweetness:

  • A new collapsed architecture means that you are never more than three clicks from your answer. We've gone from over 1000 independent topics, to just over a dozen focused items.
  • Wayfinding elements like watermarks, iconography, and animated scrolling help the user maintain a sense of place when navigating within the documentation.
  • A total backend overhaul that enables higher performance and responsiveness. We will also be better instrumented to understand the content you find most interesting, so we cut put our future content development investments into the areas that will help you most.

For the geeks out there (non-geeks, skip to the next paragraph!) you may also be interested to learn that this new site marks a move to a documentation development process that mirrors - and embeds with - Alert Logic's product development process. We handle documentation in the same Agile fashion as our Engineering teams, with new documentation committed to a Git repository. Moving forward, we'll be working on a truer Continuous Integration process for this pipeline. Many of the text elements are "variables" that improve our topic maintainability. Brand names, icons, screenshot and other elements can all be managed centrally. This approach also allows to begin to centralize documentation for customers, partners, and employees in a centralized, single source "codebase", and then compile for use with each new commit. If you've been down this road before, we'd love to hear from you. If you're thinking about going there, we'd love to show you what we have done.

LEARN is an all-new Learning Management System for our customers and partners. It paves the way for a more consistent, scalable, and global learning experience. Our initial content launch includes over 50 modules and 14 courses, with more already in development. Whether you need a quick refresher on checking your latest network vulnerabilities, or you are a new partner support agent who needs a full suite of courses to prepare you to do battle in the call center trenches, you should find what you need here. You can customize your training to give you as much - or as little - as you need to accomplish your goals. Alert Logic pros will be there to help, and our leaderboard will point to the standouts. You can access this new system via the Support page, or directly at

And of course, this is all just the beginning. We have more goodness coming for you soon!

About the Author

Chris Mullins - Sr. Director of Customer Engagement

Chris Mullins

Chris Mullins is an experienced software industry executive with a strong competency in information security and regulatory compliance, and public cloud. He has spoken globally on topics such as avoiding unnecessary security spending, public cloud security, consumer privacy, regulatory compliance, and continuous controls auditing. Mr. Mullins founded the compliance business unit for BindView (now Symantec's Control Compliance Suite). He was an early employee at Approva corporation (acquired by Lawson), where he managed the firm's audit firm relationships. At Alert Logic, Mullins has led the expansion into Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other Public Cloud businesses. In his current role as Sr. Director of Customer Engagement at Alert Logic, Mullins leads a team focused on measuring and monitoring Alert Logic user value.

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