Card Data Released; Anonymous Ukraine Takes the Credit

Anonymous Ukraine has just claimed responsibility for hacking over 800 million credit cards globally. They have recently released 1 million of those cards as proof of the attack. Here is the note that was released on Pastebin: “For 15 years we have destroyed your economy and banking system, gradually increasing the U.S. national debt. That crash which came thanks to America happens to us.

After the USA showed its true face when she unilaterally decides which of the peoples to live independently and who under the yoke of the Federal Reserve, we decided to show the world who is behind the future collapse of the American banking system. We own all the financial information of the Fed. And even more than you think. Today we publish the first part of our exposure of the international financial system Visa, MC, Discover & Amex, enslaved people around the world. More than 800 million credit cards. Over a trillion dollars.” The reason I say “claim” is because they have done this before and just released old TJX/Heartland Payment Breached data from 2007 (

Checking through the dumped data, the earliest expiration year seems to be 2011—which means this is not from Heartland, but it is also not brand new. It obviously came from a banking institution, because it includes far more detail than an online retailer would have. Below is an example of the data released (of course, the identity of the innocent remains hidden:

name=Jane+Doe dob=12/16/xxxx ssn=XXX-11-XXXX MMN=Smith DLnum=291XXXXXXX cc_ccum=43425XXXXXXXXXXX cc-cvv 813 cc-expm=2 cc_expy=2013 cc_pin=5544 total_money=73.31 addr1=PO Box 6XX City=BXXXXXXXX State=MN Zip=56317 834 equifax score

In a year of major credit card breaches, you must continue to monitor your account activity and credit scores. Check with your banking institution to see if they are getting reports from other customers regard fraudulent use.