Cloud Insight: Security as a Foundation

Security must grow wings.  Advancements in DevOps, SaaS, and Virtualization have brought us environments that are increasingly complex and mission critical, at the same time they have become wildly transient resources.  Securing these environments just does not work with traditional solutions and administrative processes.

Our solution?  Programmatic security using Alert LogicÒ Cloud Insight as your security foundation. It was designed from the ground up as a public API with full visibility and control for all of your environments. We have embraced integrations plus built a 100% client side JavaScript user interface.  Here are a couple to get you going.

Cloud Insight Add-on for JIRA
Our add-On allows you to fully integrate your security remediations from the Cloud Insight and assign them directly to teams within your own ticketing system. This means there’s no need for users to have access to the Cloud Insight to close the remediation loop.  That’s one less login to manage and one more integrated solution for your business.  Plus, it is an open source so you can customize it for yourselves.

Cloud Insight Lambda Checks
Our Lambda Framework allows your team to define, create, and administer custom security rules in Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is fully customizable and integrates directly with Cloud Insight and intelligently organizes your vulnerabilities into actionable remediations.

Grab your DevOps and Security teams, and encourage them grow wings with our helpful Developer Portal with full API Documentation, links to sample projects, and embrace the future of security as a foundation, and our Agile approach to integrating security without increasing complexity.  

Learn more about Cloud Insight at our upcoming webinar, Cloud Vulnerabilities Assessment: An Alert Logic® Cloud Insight Demo on March 22 at 2 p.m. Central Time.

Cloud Vulnerabilities Assessment: An Alert Logic Cloud Insight Demo

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Barry Skidmore - Director of Engineering, Experience & Interface

Barry Skidmore

Barry Skidmore is the Director of Engineering for Experience and Interface at Alert Logic. He has decades of hands-on experience with managing large scale telecommunications; engineering; development; and administration in proprietary and open-source environments. Barry has been with Alert Logic since 2010, and previously held positions at Cranberry LLC, Roy H. Williams Marketing, and Sprint.

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