Compliance at Velocity with DevOps

Innovative companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook have set the pattern for transformation. These innovators, along with an active community of web practitioners, have developed a workflow and set of practices, encapsulated by the term DevOps, that brought about many technical and cultural changes to IT and resulted in infrastructures and applications that were extraordinarily fast and scalable.

The hallmarks of a DevOps workflow are velocity, consistency, scale, and the ability to incorporate feedback. DevOps is becoming the norm for how enterprises handle change, whether to their infrastructure or to their applications. However, established enterprises have a challenge that the DevOps innovators did not. They have legacy workloads and regulatory requirements to consider. Migrating these workloads to a flexible technology stack must be done in a way that reduces risk, ensures stability, and guarantees regulatory compliance.

Is it possible for regulated industries to deliver new products and services at high velocity while still satisfying their obligations for regulatory compliance?

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Compliance at Velocity with DevOps

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