Custom Cloud Security: Helping a Digital Marketing Agency, The Garrigan Lyman Group, Protect Itself and Its Clients

If you work in the cloud, you must have a cloud security system to protect yourself—and your customers.

Take The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG), a strategic digital agency that serves multiple clients whose data it must protect. GLG’s clients span different industries and countries, and each client has its own compliance and security requirements. Therefore, the agency needed a security solution that was flexible enough to protect against multiple types of threats and comprehensive enough to meet all the varied compliance requirements of its clients.

In short, GLG needed a customizable cloud security solution.

Typically, companies with diverse clients to protect believe that getting a customizable security solution requires building it themselves. They sink money into buying a number of different security tools that together can cover all of their clients’ needs. Then, the company struggles to integrate those products into a comprehensive solution. However, different security products have different threat detection processes and management consoles, so this approach is a hassle. Also, if the company has clients whose security needs come from different environments, with some data, apps, and workloads on-premises, others in the cloud, and others a hybrid between the two, the process of building and managing a flexible, yet comprehensive security solution that will protect all of their clients gets even more complicated.

Furthermore, the threat landscape is constantly evolving. If companies weave together multiple security products to protect their clients, each of those products must be updated and maintained to keep pace with evolving threats. Multiply that maintenance requirement over multiple clients with a changing roster of needs and it becomes an unmanageable task. For many companies, even if they could afford the large initial capital expenditure into security hardware and software, it’s the ongoing maintenance of those products that pushes them into the red.

Instead of dealing with the hassle and expense of building and maintaining a security solution itself, GLG sought to partner with a Security-as-a-Service solution provider that would offer it and its clients comprehensive security capabilities backed by 24/7 monitoring. However, GLG also was looking for a provider whose solution could be customized to fit each of its clients’ specific needs from threat tolerance to log retention compliance.

Because of the volume and variety of its clients’ needs, GLG additionally sought a solution with a flexible pricing model that would allow the agency to scale as it grew its client base. GLG wanted to avoid sinking a large capital expenditure into a static product, instead looking for an option to pay a smaller monthly fee for dynamically updated security. “Our client base is changing and growing every day,” said GLG CTO Christopher Geiser. “To protect all of our clients, we needed a service that would flex and grow with us. It wasn’t good business sense to build our own solution or to buy services from a one-size-fits-all MSSP.”

After evaluating a range of alternatives, GLG selected Alert Logic® and their unique, fully managed Security-as-a-Service solution that integrates innovative security technology, threat intelligence and 24/7 monitoring. A big draw for GLG was Alert Logic’s customizable service and subscription-based pricing model, which helped GLG to meet its clients’ security requirements now and in the future. To learn more about how Alert Logic worked with GLG, check out our video case study.