DIY - Create an undetected piece of malware

DIY malware botnets and DIY malware generating tools are continuing to leak at public cybercrime-friendly forums; today’s novice cybercriminals have access to sophisticated point-and-click malware-generating tools that were once only available in the arsenal of the experienced cybercriminal. This specific malware-generating tool allows potential cybercriminals to tailor their newly generated malware to their specific needs. If they want it to start spreading, they can just turn on the spreading option. If they want it to use targeted attacks, they can choose LAN spreading. They can also enable an option to prevent various antivirus solutions from successfully detecting it.

Takeaway: In 2013, you don’t need to know Assembly programming language to generate undetected pieces of malware or utilize zero-day vulnerabilities to infect tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. We expect that the entry barriers into the world of cybercrime will continue to get lower throughout 2013, contributing to today’s mature lifecycle of the entire cybercrime ecosystem.