Facebook, a new security threat to corporate networks

Social media can be useful to propagate corporate and product messaging, but when even a few innocent employees click on seemingly friendly “Wall posts” from their malware-infected friends, their machines, and eventually the entire corporate network could get infected with malware. Since Facebook works on a “trust” relationship, it’s very easy to spread and distribute malware. All malware is mostly a part of a larger botnet. http://alrt.co/ZfY5oZ

Takeaway: Don’t click on a Facebook wall post from a friend that says “Check it Out!”—your friend could be infected with a malware. If you click on an infected link, let your security team known about it right away, so that they can scan your machine and analyze the traffic originating from your PC. They should verify whether traffic is going to a remote command and control center or to the destination that you want it to go.