Google Cloud Platform Security at Cloud9

Today, Alert Logic announced support for Alert Logic Log Manager and Threat Manager in Google Cloud Platform. We’re excited to be working with another major public cloud provider and also the many interesting organizations using Google Cloud Platform to build and host their applications. Google Cloud is a very developer-friendly platform and one of the organizations we’re currently working with takes development to the next level – Cloud9.

Cloud9 provides a development environment in the cloud that allows developers to get started with coding immediately and collaborate with their peers. Last week, Cloud9 announced a major new version of their platform that includes a fully revamped UI, new workspaces that are powered by Docker Ubuntu containers, browser compatibility testing features, usability improvements, and improvements to performance, reliability, collaboration features and language tooling. The back-end of this new Cloud9 release uses Google Compute Engine. Using the Google cloud as their backend let Cloud9 see major improvements in speed, provisioning and the ability to automate deployments and management of their infrastructure. For example, the global reach of Google’s fiber network and huge ecosystem of peering partners has delivered major speed improvements for the Cloud9 platform, which means reduced latency and delay for developers using their platform and that translates into an immediate usability improvement.

On the Cloud9 platform, the workspaces powered by Docker Ubuntu containers enable developers to have a fully configured workspace up-and-running for any development stack, in just a few seconds. It’s within these containers that Cloud9 decided to add Alert Logic security to their environment. Developers have full administrative (sudo) access to the Ubuntu containers for any type of application and it was important that Cloud9 be able to differentiate the complex behavior of a person legitimately creating an application from a person or application trying to hack or abuse the platform. By adding intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning and ongoing monitoring with Alert Logic Threat Manager and ActiveWatch, Cloud9 is getting 24×7 threat detection and alerting for their new development platform. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Cloud9 and other similar, interesting companies building and hosting applications in the Google cloud.

More information on Alert Logic security and compliance for Google Cloud Platform is available on our website.