If you thought Macs were still safe

A new malware threat for the Mac, called “Pintsized,” attempts to set up a secure connection for a remote hacker to connect through and grab private information. This backdoor Trojan can be used to conduct distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, or it can be used to install additional Trojans or other forms of malicious software. The Trojan stays hidden by disguising itself as a file that is used for networked printers in Mac OS X. This tactic conceals the Trojan and makes a monitor think that a printer is seeking access to the network, thus evading traditional signature-based detection systems. http://alrt.co/15ekmXW

Takeaway: No matter which operating system your organization uses for end clients or for core infrastructure, its popularity eventually catches up with miscreants as well. Besides endpoint protection, you should also implement an IDS system with active monitoring that will identify any rogue or “phone-home” traffic on your network.