Is Your Security Keeping Pace With Your Cloud Initiatives?

One of the biggest challenges security professionals face today is figuring out how to proactively protect workloads in the cloud without slowing down innovation and overspending. It’s a balancing act that is no easy task.

During the webinar “Is Your Security Keeping Pace with Your Cloud Initiatives?” security professionals Chris Geiser, Chief Security Officer at Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG) and Jonathan Glass, Cloud Security Architect at Turner Broadcasting System, discussed ideas on how to solve this tricky equation. At GLG, a digital marketing agency, Geiser and his team are accountable for understanding the compliance mandates for every single one of their clients like Avaya, T-Mobile, Phillips, and Toyo Tires. Glass and his team at Turner provide security consulting and policy and guidance to the many brands Turner owns including CNN and TNT. Additionally, Turner is in the process of moving much of their content and services to the cloud.

While GLG and Turner offer different services, GLG supports security and compliance for direct customers while Turner serves internal lines of business and online customers, both have found similar tactics to conquer the growing challenges of cloud security.

One of the themes of their conversation in this webinar centered around the lack of capabilities of on-premise tools in cloud environments.  According to The 2016 Cloud Security Report Spotlight, 59% of respondents reported that traditional tools work either somewhat or not at all in their cloud environments. Both Geiser and Glass elaborated on this statistic describing why on-premise tools are not congruent with an agile cloud environment.

Glass explained that one of his biggest challenges at Turner was “moving at the speed of the business.” In order to reach that speed, it’s important that companies use cloud-based solutions. Geiser put it in simple terms when he said, “Cloud-based solutions require tools designed for the cloud.” For both Geiser and Glass, the biggest benefits of using cloud-based tools are the ability to scale. For example, at GLG many of their customers run promotions or Super Bowl advertisements and, they need to be able to quickly scale up and down. Glass had the same findings at Turner where the on-premise tools were slow to deploy and it was challenging to scale out for different events.

Listen to the entire discussion to learn more about security optimization at Turner Broadcasting and The Garrigan Lyman Group please view the recorded webinar here.