Making Cloud Security Simpler with the latest Threat Manager release

Cloud security fears are still with us – Peer 1 Hosting recently found in a survey (summarized in a nice infographic) that 92% of IT decision makers identified security as a factor that discouraged them from using cloud infrastructure and services. Our State of Cloud Security Reports tell us that these fears are overblown… but seeing this sort of survey result is a reminder that there is still a sense that securing cloud infrastructure is difficult. And the fact is, there are unique challenges to cloud security – ones that traditional security vendors have been grappling with.

  • Autoscaling with public cloud instances is hard. This is one of the killer features of cloud infrastructure, giving you amazing flexibility to deploy all manner of applications, test environments, capacity for peaks, and more – but you’ve got to secure it, which means solutions have to be cloud-native, not relying on physical appliances, consistent IP addresses, or any of the elements of traditional server infrastructure.
  • You have to understand cloud hosting providers. That’s where most cloud infrastructure lives, and hosting service providers have built an amazing business – one that’s changing how IT is consumed – by bringing excellence and efficiency to infrastructure management. At times, security vendors have struggled fitting their offerings into the business model, environments and processes of service providers, and the cloud just makes it all the more challenging for vendors that don’t have hosting in their blood.
  • Clouds are not independent of traditional infrastructure. Most organizations don’t have all their infrastructure in the cloud; they’ve also got traditional managed servers and on-premises data centers. And they don’t want to deploy different products in each of those places. Vendors who can span these environments and provide a single pane of glass into data from all of them will deliver better security results.

These are things that we think about every day at Alert Logic, and they’re why we’re so excited about the latest release of Threat Manager. With this release, Threat Manager is now the only network IDS that supports autoscaling in public cloud environments. It’s available now on Amazon Web Services EC2, and you’ll see it from many other Alert Logic partners soon. And for those IT decision makers who are worried about cloud security: Your fears are not irrational, but know that Alert Logic is leading the way in making cloud security easier.