Rackspace Marketplace PartnerPalooza Recap

We were fortunate to attend the Rackspace Marketplace PartnerPalooza last week at their headquarters in San Antonio, TX. PartnerPalooza is an annual event that Rackspace hosts for Rackspace PartnerPaloozatheir partners. It’s basically an internal “open house” for Rackspace employees to meet and greet with partners to better understand how they can work together and also learn what’s new. A team of us from Alert Logic went to talk to Rackers about availability of our security solutions in the Rackspace Public Cloud. There was no shortage of people to talk to – we were busy throughout the day.

Alert Logic in the Rackspace Public Cloud
Alert Logic and Rackspace have partnered for more than eight years now and we have many common customers who use their dedicated hosting services and Alert Logic security services. So when Rackspace launched their public cloud, both companies realized it’d be important to provide security solutions in this new environment. PartnerPalooza was a great event to update Rackers on our progress and solution availability. So while we were excited to talk about our threat management, log management and web application security solution availability in the Rackspace Marketplace, it was even more entertaining speaking with Rackers about how we deliver security solutions together.

Both Rackspace and Alert Logic are very service-oriented companies and that’s different from most product-oriented vendors. You might ask, “How is it different?” since almost every technology company today offers professional services either directly or through a partner. It’s probably easiest to compare the difference by contrasting what you get and when from product- versus service-oriented companies. Here’s a typical formula many customers follow when acquiring a product:

  • Do 3-6 months of research
  • Pay $50k-$250k in license fees
  • Pay $20k in hardware costs
  • Take 2-3 months to implement
  • Spend $20k+ in professional services and training
  • Then … pay people to run the product and make sure multiple people can do so because eventually everyone gets a day off…

For companies who collaborate with Rackspace and Alert Logic, they get a completely different experience. They get managed services. What we mean by that is that is they get a great product (just like they would using the above formula) but that product is managed for them. At Alert Logic, that means for a monthly fee, the customer gets access to software (that we update for them on a regular basis) plus they gain a fully staffed Security Operations Center (SOC) whose team members constantly monitor security in their environment and make sure any potential breaches or threats are immediately addressed before security is compromised. I think one of the reasons Rackspace and Alert Logic have been such strong partners over the years is because the approach to working with our customers is so similar. Rackspace is also very hands-on and passionate about helping customers be successful with their solutions. Some of the Rackers we met at PartnerPalooza suggested we use their “Fanatical Support” line but change “Support” to “Security.” I agree that Alert Logic does work hard to provide “Fanatical Security” to our customers but for trademark purposes, we probably can’t steal Rackspace’s signature line (unfortunately). Our thanks to the Rackspace Marketplace team for the opportunity to participate in PartnerPalooza and we’re looking forward to attending again next year.