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Almost every business is now digital, to some degree. After all, the benefits are clear to all but the biggest technophobe. Modern technologies make organizations more agile. They can operate more efficiently, use resources more effectively, and meet the demands of ever more digital-savvy customers. However, in the race to deliver budget cost savings, operational efficiencies, and new innovative ways of working, security can be overlooked, especially as digital apps in the cloud are quick and simple to install and adopt.

It’s one thing to safeguard sensitive data in-house, under your own roof. However, when your hardware and software applications sit in the cloud and are managed by an external third party company, you need to think differently about the storage, transmission, and protection of your data. With valuable information like customer accounts and billing payment transactions now outside your walls, how do you know they’re still safe? And what about your customers’ interactions? When customer apps involving the exchange of personal data – like retail, banking or travel apps – are hosted by a third party, how do you police them? How do you keep their digital journey quick and simple, while still complying with data storage rules like GDPR and PCI DSS?

Protecting critical digital infrastructure, and the data residing on it, is a big challenge for UK businesses. According to IDG, more than a third of senior UK ITDMs cite managing security as one of the biggest issues they face during digital transformation. When it comes to cloud, traditional ‘in-house’ tools aren’t enough. You need to know you’re protecting that which lies outside. Rackspace can help. Together with Alert Logic, we’ve created a webinar to discuss how your business can protect itself against security vulnerabilities, and prevent breaches of sensitive data and systems.

Join Rackspace and Alert Logic on Wednesday 23rd November at 3pm UK time via Alert Logic’s BrightTalk Channel.  It’s entitled Security: Enabling the Digital Revolution Without Disruption and will be run by Dee Chadha, EMEA Director for Rackspace Manage Security (RMS) Services and Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA Technical Director.

We’ll begin by looking at real-life customer use-cases, to find out what businesses have done to safeguard their digital transformation, and the challenges they’ve overcome. Then, we’ll provide practical guidance on what you need to make your digital transformation journey a secure one.

Specifically, we’ll consider how security works currently, what has to change to make it better, and how to tailor it to suit workloads across multiple infrastructures. To register now, click here -

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Mike Bainbridge - Chief Digital Technologist, Rackspace


Mike Bainbridge

As Chief Digital Technologist at Rackspace Mike enables customers to navigate the complex world of digital technology partners, cloud platforms and industry trends. With an unrivalled enthusiasm, he helps businesses realise their digital potential and become more successful online. With a background in ecommerce architecture he brings a strong focus on customer experience, performance and measurable success criteria. As an advocate of all things digital you might catch Mike speaking at conferences, networking events or executive briefings. Mike has over 18 years of IT strategy experience, he blogs at and tweets about industry related topics as @dgtlMike