Securing the Software Defined Data Center with VMware NSX Integration

Last week at the VMworld conference was an exciting time for the cloud ecosystem, with lots of exciting announcements. There was a lot of focus on VMware’s announcement of their NSX platform, which decouples the entire networking and security model from traditional networking hardware. More and more organizations take advantage of flexibility and economy of virtualized environments, and the NSX platform is an exciting step forward, providing instant automated provisioning of hardware devices, and ensuring that services are coupled with VMs and move with them. From Alert Logic’s point of view, the efforts VMware has made to build this platform in a way that partners can integrate with. Partner support was a major theme at the conference, and Alert Logic was proud to be front and center, previewing our NSXintegrated release of Threat Manager. What does this mean for users? Better security with a minimized footprint through deep integration into the VMware stack. Think of how you would try to secure a VMware cluster with a traditional IDS. You could deploy it at the perimeter, but you’d miss intra-VM traffic, and have serious blind spots. The typical alternative has been to deploy agents on VMs, which solves that problem – but does so by exacting a performance penalty, reducing the efficiency of the overall environment. With NSX integration, Threat Manager is integrated at the hypervisor. That means no agents running on your VMs, seamless integration with the provisioning process, and support for elastic workloads. The result? Simpler deployment without gaps in protection. This puts our unique combination of cloud-native technology, analytics, managed security content, and 24×7 monitoring right into the heart of your VMware infrastructure – providing better security outcomes than a traditional security product can offer. This is an exciting time in the cloud world – and Alert Logic will be working with leaders like VMware to help you securely leverage the benefits of virtualization.