Security in a liquid world

I am borrowing from Pat Gelsinger’s excellent opening keynoteat VMworld 2014 that occurred on Monday. In his keynote, Pat referred to the concept of “Liquid IT”. Liquid is indeed a great metaphor for the IT landscape today. There is a lot of discussion today about the choice between public and private clouds. However, we do not believe it is an “either or” conversation. Many of the largest IT environments on the planet have their infrastructure in more than just one, or both, of these two choices. They are using on-premises infrastructure, public clouds and traditional managed hosting environments.

Virtualization is clearly a foundation technology for the public cloud and is largely the standard for private clouds as well. Managed hosting is slowly but surely moving to virtualized infrastructure as well. This move to across-the-board virtualization truly provides a good framework for the liquidity that Pat talked about. VMware is in a great position to be the virtualization platform available across all three deployment scenarios: on-premises, hosted and public cloud. Customers can move their workloads across these environments as their needs change as long as their applications can run on VMware. Alert Logic also believes that customer choice is extremely important.

Over the years, we have worked hard to provide choices for deployment – physical or virtual, on-premises, hosted or cloud – for our security solutions. In fact, Alert Logic provides the widest choice of Security-as-a-Service deployment solutions for the top hosted and cloud environments in the industry. Our customers are free to move their workloads across different IT infrastructure models, knowing that they are secure and compliant. We provide a platform of fully managed products and services to keep a customer’s data and infrastructure safe and compliant. The Alert Logic portfolio of solutions and services allow customers to gain unprecedented visibility into their business environment, providing continuous protection, deep security insight and lower overall security costs. The complete suite of Alert Logic solutions provides a unique set of benefits to the customer, including:

  • Deep insights into security via Alert Logic’s Security-as-a-Service-based big-data analytics and correlation engine, global threat visibility and security research focused on emerging threats and security best practices.
  • Continuous protection down the application stack via a 24×7 Security Operations Center that analyzes, escalates and works with customers to remediate threats with actionable intelligence.
  • Cloud-based delivery model – no hardware or software for the customer to manage and a flexible op-ex based licensing model.

VMware is innovating by removing physical constraints and giving our customers more freedom. Alert Logic is making sure that our customers are protected in this liquid world. So, dear customer, go on, be brave – we’ve got you covered!