The Road to AWS re:Invent, Next stop New York City

AWS re:Invent is shaping up to be quite an event this year, but before we all plan our trips to Las Vegas, the Alert Logic team is heading to New York City for the AWS Summit on July 10.  Here is a preview of what we will be sharing in the big apple:

  • Daily Log Review with Log Manger At the summit, we will be sharing some exciting news about our Daily Log Review solution, powered by Alert Logic Log Manager. Any of you tasked with the time-consuming responsibility of collecting and reviewing logs from your critical apps and infrastructure will be happy to hear about how our solution not only takes this burden off your hands but also helps you comply with mandates that require daily log review (PCI, HIPAA, etc.).
  • Straightforward Web App Protection with Alert Logic Web Security Manager You cannot open the paper today without hearing about a company’s website being attacked. With DDOS, brute force, and other attacks on the rise, if you haven’t already implemented a web application firewall now is the time. Our solution takes the hassle and headaches out of implementing, managing, and monitoring your web application firewall. Stop by to see how.
  • Detect network threats with Alert Logic Threat Manager Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you already know that breaches are on the rise like never before. As we discussed in the latest version of the Cloud Security Report, no matter your cloud platform of choice (public, private, or hybrid cloud) threats against your environments are increasing at an alarming rate. With a diverse environment you may think you need to invest in multiple solutions to detect threats and suspicious network traffic for your cloud and on-premises infrastructure. The good news is that you do not. With Alert Logic Threat Manager, we provide fully managed and monitored cross-platform threat detection from a single solution. Drop by to learn how we can help protect your environments.

This is just a taste of what we will be sharing at the Summit. We look forward to seeing you there.