The Short and Long Term Future of Cloud - Public and Hybrid

While public cloud is growing strong, the short term belongs to hybrid datacenter environments.

The cloud isn’t exactly new anymore. We’re all familiar with Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and other cloud providers like Rackspace, Navisite, DataPipe, etc.  For many of us (at least me), when we think of the cloud, we think of the above providers and their public cloud offerings. The public cloud garners an inordinate amount of the attention around cloud.  But it is important to remember that not everyone moves everything up to the public cloud.  The fact is private cloud and hybrid environments utilizing public, private and on premises infrastructure is and will be the dominant form of IT for the next 5 years.

Of organizations that use the public cloud, the majority are putting only a small percentage of their data and applications in the public cloud.  Over the next few years this will change. There will be more organizations using the public cloud and they will be putting more stuff up there. However, it will be some time before that is the majority of data and applications.  Yes, 20 years from now it may well be the case. But for the short term a combination of public cloud and private cloud/on premises hosting will be dominant.

When we started Alert Logic 12+ years ago, the public cloud wasn’t really a factor. We developed our SaaS-based security solutions for our customers who hosted their infrastructure on premises or in data centers.  Then, with the advent of the cloud we took the time and effort to design and build a cloud security solution that was for the cloud, by the cloud.  There were of course differences between our cloud-designed solutions and our on premises solutions. This is something we set out to rectify with our newest release of our flagship Alert Logic Threat Manager solution.

Now you will have a consistent experience across both your public cloud and private infrastructure. Our aim was to afford our users the same level of security, the same functionality regardless of where they are running their data center(s). Whether they are in one of our many hosting provider partner’s data centers or at their server closet, they will be protected by Alert Logic with a consistent level of security and feature set.

We think this is a major differentiator for us. While some companies only secure data infrastructure and others are trying to secure the cloud, we can protect your entire infrastructure. With hybrid environments being dominant it really is in the words of Mr. Spock, “the only logical thing to do”.

So check out the Alert Logic Threat Manager. You can rest easy knowing that you will be covered where ever you go, for both the long term and the short term.