Three Reasons to Attend our Upcoming WAF Webinar

Web application security is important. Just in the past month, we’ve seen significant web breaches at JP Morgan Chase, and one of my favorite websites, Fiverr. WAFs can help protect your web applications but you need to use them effectively. Join our upcoming webinar to get good insight into how to more pragmatically manage WAFs.

October 15, 2014
12:00-12:45pm CT
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Three reasons why this is an event worth checking out.

  1. There’s a great guest speaker. We’ve asked Adrian Lane from Securosis to share his insight on web application security and specifically web application firewall (WAF) management. Adrian is an analyst and CTO at Securoris (, an information security research and advisory firm that does a lot of interesting security work. Adrian and team recently updated a white paper (that we’ve licensed and we’re sharing on the Alert Logic website) about Pragmatic WAF Management. It’s a good opportunity to learn from someone who’s deep into the research in this area.
  2. You’ll learn if WAFs are really good or evil. Well, maybe we won’t answer the good or evil question, but Adrian will share some thoughts on why, despite WAFs being scorned and ridiculed by penetration testers and security professionals, organizations still rely on them. Should organizations rely on a WAF or are they fooling themselves into a false sense of security?
  3. It’s a great chance to have your web application security questions answered. I’m hosting this one and want to make sure it’s an interactive event where not only do you get to hear from Adrian, you get to ask whatever web application security questions are on your mind. We’ll make sure there’s plenty of time for Q&A.

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