Top 5 Cloud Security Predictions for 2016

According to the 2015 Alert Logic Cloud Security Report, an increase in cloud migration has positioned cloud environments as mainstream deployments. What does this mean for the security of your cloud environment? And how will an uptick in cloud adoption affect the 2016 threat landscape? 

2016 Security Prediction: People will choose cloud because of security benefits.
Cloud services give organizations the flexible, agile deployments they love with built-in security measures that make them not only more cost effective than traditional solutions, but also more secure. Additionally, the accessibility of security capabilities matches those once available to only the largest networks and enterprises.

2016 Security Prediction: The number of attacks on cloud environments will rise
Quite simply, the reason for the rise in attacks is due to the rise in cloud deployments. Furthermore, Gartner also says that web application security and security monitoring are significantly underfunded. We agree and believe that the problem can be solved with integrated security tools that produce actionable intelligence, in lieu of security point products.  

2016 Security Prediction: Large security vendors have been impacted by cloud
The security products that many IT security giants relied on for billions in revenue have been losing their effectiveness for years, and attempts to port over traditional products into the cloud have failed. Investments in purchasing start-up cloud technologies have failed to produce the products that cloud customers want in their environments. Innovation struggles by large IT companies have opened the door for public cloud platforms to either develop their own security products, or rely on startups with the means to build security products designed for these deployments.

2016 Security Prediction: DevOps and Cloud Automation are on a collision course
As more cloud deployments move to the continuous delivery model that automatically rolls code to pre-production, the capability to roll out new code multiple times per day will become mainstream.  Security tools and controls must integrate into this model seamlessly to be non-disruptive.

More and more cloud deployments are 100% automated, relying on programmable infrastructure resources. This means that security infrastructure has to be 100% programmable as well. Increasingly, cloud deployments are elastic, expanding and contracting multiple times per day, forcing the security deployments to follow in lockstep.  

2016 Security Prediction: The IT Security Organization is changing.
This will be the first year when security teams face real pressure to change the way they work and get more intimately involved in building software, as opposed to auditing software. More security teams are involved with engineering and product development at an earlier stage; in fact, many are starting to report to engineering executives rather than CISOs. Security professionals will begin to develop engineering skills and it would not be surprising if the ability to write code became a mandatory requirement for tomorrow’s security workforce.

Learn more about these predictions with Alert Logic Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder Misha Govshteyn in our Top 5 Cloud Security Predictions for 2016 on-demand webinar.