What All the Best Managed Hosting Providers Are Wearing This Year

Gartner recently released their latest Magic Quadrant for the North American Managed Hosting Market. As Gartner notes, it is a mature market but the cloud has shaken things up, creating new opportunities. While some positions in the quadrant have changed, the same 15 providers that were in the last quadrant are in this one as well – no new companies added nor any dropped. Perusing the list, one thing stands out to us: Just look at how many of these providers are also Alert Logic partners. More than half of the 15 companies in the market have standardized on Alert Logic to provide Security-as-a-Service to their customers. This begs the question of “is it the chicken or the egg?” Does using Alert Logic to deliver best-of-breed security help hosting providers become leaders in the field? Or do leaders recognize that they need to offer a top quality security solution commensurate with their outstanding managed hosting solutions? Either way, all roads seem to lead to Alert Logic. We’re thrilled for this recognition of our parters’ excellence and honored to be part of their business. We can’t help but feel that we have contributed to their success – a feeling validated by 451 Research’s recent note on our Q1 2013 results, which observed that “Alert Logic has become a key part of helping to drive growth at infrastructure providers… It’s fair to say that many of Alert Logic’s provider partners rely on it for an essential part of their sales pitch and continued growth.” We also know (as Gartner has noted) that though the market is mature, it is volatile. That is why we are constantly striving to improve our service and offer new services that serve the latest trends in the market in a way that makes sense for our partners. As the Magic Quadrant explains, managed hosting covers a wide range of services: everything from managed dedicated servers, to managed applications, managed desktop and even IaaS cloud services. This lineup will likely continue to expand as the “everything-as-a-service” trend continues. All of these will still require practical common sense security. That is our mission here at Alert Logic. We recognized years ago that working with hosting providers to bring quality security to market was not only the right choice for us, but we believe the right choice for other security providers to offer solutions as well – and mostly important, for hosting customers seeking to secure their infrastructure. As the cloud has matured and become more of a force in this market, our belief in this channel is stronger than ever. Partnering with public cloud providers as well as the top private hybrid cloud providers is a continuation of our long and successful history of partnering with hosting and data center providers. As the Magic Quadrant changes over the months and years to come, we are confident that the leaders will still have Alert Logic in common.