You Can't Protect What You Can't See

It may seem like common sense, but if you’re moving to the cloud, it’s important to have security measures in place to assess your security posture. This is to ensure you’re aware of what’s being deployed and what vulnerabilities exist to enable you to proactively protect your environment. It’s especially true if it’s highly dynamic. Why? Well, if your cloud environment is constantly changing and you don’t have visibility into what’s happening, it can be very difficult or impossible to track what changes are occurring. Additionally, you won’t know what vulnerabilities exist, leaving you susceptible to attacks. Simply stated, you can’t protect what you can’t see.

According to the Forrester Study, Secure Your Cloud Against Exposures, 86% of IT professionals that are responsible for network architecture for cloud deployment indicated that continuous scanning is valuable when managing vulnerabilities in the cloud. When your environment is growing and changing, especially at a fast pace, your vulnerabilities are too. This is what makes identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities challenging. For example, if you use a legacy vulnerability scanning tool in the cloud, it’s not uncommon that you’ll run a scan, identify a vulnerability, apply a patch, and then run the scan again only to find that there are more vulnerabilities because additional servers were spun up.

Luckily, there are cloud-native vulnerability assessment tools that provide the visibility and awareness you need to assess your environment. They can scale up and down and continuously monitor for changes. Tools like this will not only help with visualizing your entire environment, but also effectively identify what vulnerabilities exist and prioritize how to remediate them. 

As cloud adoption rapidly rises, so does the importance of effectively identifying exposures and vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructures. A common cloud security challenge is that traditional security tools are not built for the complexities of the cloud.

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Monica Yoo

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